C&H produces a newsletter three times a year, of articles and news from around the county, all in a format that you can download and print.  Download the latest issue, Newsletter 67 May 2014 or a smaller version with no pictures. 

The county newsletter was first produced in 1990 by Bill Penfold, with help from Tony Oram and Vic Wood, and contributions from Alan Grist, Ron Dench, John Turner and Paul Barden. It was produced annually until April 1993, when Chris Jagger and John Turner took over as editors. Since then, it has appeared regularly three times a year. Jonathan Mestel replaced John Turner as co-editor from issue 15 in December 1996. Catherine Jagger replaced Jonathan as co-editor in December 2005.

Newsletter 64: May 2013 or smaller version

Newsletter 63: January 2013 or smaller version

Newsletter 62: October 2012 or smaller version

Newsletter 61: May 2012 or smaller version

Newsletter 60: January 2012 or smaller version

Newsletter 59: October 2011

Newsletter 58: May 2011 or smaller version

Newsletter 57: January 2011 or smaller version

Newsletter 56: October 2010 or smaller version

Newsletter 55: May 2010 or smaller version

Newsletter 54: January 2010

Newsletter 53: October 2009

Newsletter 52: May 2009

Newsletter 51: January 2009 or smaller version

Newsletter 50: September 2008 or smaller version

Newsletter 49: May 2008 or smaller version

Newsletter 48: January 2008 or smaller version

Newsletter 47: September 2007

Newsletter 46: April 2007

Newsletter 45: January 2007

Newsletter 44: September 2006

Newsletter 43: April 2006

Newsletter 42: December 2005

Newsletter 41: September 2005 HTML

Newsletter 40: April 2005 PDF HTML

Newsletter 39: December 2004 PDF HTML

Newsletter 38: September 2004 PDF HTML

Newsletter 37: April 2004 PDF HTML

Newsletter 36: December 2003 PDF HTML

Newsletter 35: September 2003 PDF HTML

Newsletter 34: April 2003 PDF HTML

Play Problem by Giles Woodruff
Letter to Aunt Agony
Another letter to Auntie
Laws and Ethics by Chris Jagger
Raising Responder by Chris Jagger
Forcing or not
Results Round Up
Competition report: ±600
Report from your County Membership Secretary by Penny Riley
Cambs & Hunts Bridge League by Chris Larlham

Newsletter 33: December 2002 PDF HTML

Competition: ±600
Letter to Aunt Agony
Doubling opponents and not splitting partners by Chris Jagger
Results Round Up
Around the clubs
I no longer want to know by A (nearly) lost soul
Club Director training courses
A mental block by Chris Jagger

Newsletter 32: September 2002 PDF HTML

Newsletter 31: April 2002 PDF HTML

Newsletter 30: December 2001 PDF HTML

Newsletter 29: September 2001 PDF HTML

Newsletter 28: April 2001 PDF HTML

Defending against preempts by Chris Jagger
Opening leads competition
Detective story - Part III: THE GRAND FINALE by Peter Burrows
Results Roundup
Around the Clubs
Bidding Challenge
The inominate squeeze 
A for attitude, K for kount by Chris Jagger
Dates for your diary
Dummy again by Bill Briscombe
Winston Churchill and bridge
Agony Column

Newsletter 27: December 2000 PDF HTML

Newsletter 26: September 2000 PDF HTML

Newsletter 25: April 2000 PDF HTML

Newsletter 24: December 1999 PDF HTML

The Vice Squeeze (False Impressions) by Ann Curtin / Michael Courtney
Card Reading by Chris Jagger
Defending against a 1NT overcall by Chris Jagger
Know your English Bridge Union by Sally Dempster
What does 4NT mean? by Chris Jagger
Dates for your diary
Letter to the editors from Alan Mould.
The man who locked himself in dummy
Results Roundup
Four Card Bridge by Jonathan Mestel

Newsletter 23: September 1999 PDF HTML

Newsletter 22: April 1999 PDF HTML

Newsletter 21: December 1998 PDF HTML