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Cambs & Hunts won their group to qualify for the final. The team was: Chris Jagger, Cath Jagger, Paul Fegarty, Catherine Curtis, Jonathan Mestel,  Jon Cooke, Julian Wightwick and Giles Woodruff. Jon and Chris were the highest pair on the Butlers.

The team, with David Kendrick instead of Cath Jagger, finished 3rd in the final. Chris and Jon again headed the Butlers.

English Bridge Union   Tollemache Final 24/01/2012 Multisession

Director: Robin Barker                  

Session All,   Section All
Rank Team Names                                                                Adj     VPs
  1    8  Middlesex                                                                    104
          Nick Sandqvist,Fredrik Bjornlund,Jeremy Dhondy,Nicola Smith
          Neil Rosen,Andrew McIntosh,Ian Panto,Tony Waterlow
          Keith Bennett,Richard Hillman
  2    7  North East                                                                    86
          Chris G Owen,Martin Kane,Val Gibson,Damian Hassan
          Julian Gibson,Bill March,John Atthey,Clive Owen
          Steve Ray,Dave Roberts
  3    4  Cambs & Hunts                                                          1      81
          David Kendrick,Chris Jagger,Jonathan Mestel,Jon Cooke
          Paul Fegarty,Catherine Curtis,Julian Wightwick,Giles Woodruff
  4    6  Manchester                                                                    74
          John Holland,Rodney Lighton,Kath Nelson,Alan Nelson
          Michael Byrne,Michael Newman,Jeff Morris,John Hassett
          Raymond Semp
  5    1  Yorkshire                                                                     71
          Tony McNiff,Bill Townsend,Robert Myers,James Thrower
          Adam Dickinson,Dominic Pinto,Dave Robinson,Phil Godfrey
  6    5  Surrey                                                                        56
          Frances Hinden,Graham Osborne,Jeffrey Allerton,Mike Scoltock
          Martin Garvey,Cameron Small,Ian Swanson,Ken Ford
          Peter Lee,Bob Rowlands
  7    2  Suffolk                                                                       55
          David Price,Jonathon Green,Christopher Chambers,Peter Gemmell
          Rick Hanley,Peter Sutcliffe,Jane Moore,Andrew Moore
          Jeff Orton
  8    3  Kent                                                                          34
          Jeremy Willans,Ian Draper,Malcolm Lewis,Steve Auchterlonie
          Norman Selway,Kay Preddy,Patrick Collins,Derek Patterson
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