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Congratulations to our winners, by 1 point: Karen, Barbara, Sue and Jaquie (Team 4), and our gallant runners-up Mervyn, Liz, Anabel and Irene (Team 1).

Commiserations to those teams who were out of luck this time. I hope you persevere - you all did better than your hosts (Clare and myself) who played in the same event a few years ago and, if memory serves, got a 
minus score against every other team. Fortunately the county website has changed so I can no longer find those results and now we have collected too many Master Points to play as novices.

One hand that caught my eye was board 7: Only one pair bid a slam, and made it. Well done - actually the only slam by anyone. The computer says it goes down - but only if East leads the D7, and only if West realises it could be a singleton and leads a Diamond back. As almost all declarers made 12 tricks that obviously was not a popular choice!

Finally, I am not sure why the top 4 teams were the ones with no team name. For the winners, I would suggest "McGunner Gals" for next time. Many thanks to all for making it such an enjoyable afternoon. Yes, I did have to score everything all over again when I got home!

Peter Rice - Organiser

Full results may be viewed here.

14Team Gunner
Karen Gunner & Barbara McCormick
Sue Saxton & Jacquie Kier
21Team Dowzell
Mervyn Dowzell & Liz James
Anabel Bieco & Irene Winstanley
39Team Sweet
Shirley Coleclough & Bettie Sweet
Jean & John Watson
48Team Easton
Doug Easton & Helen Sergent
Pat Bridges & Pat Fletcher
56The 4 Mavericks
Val & Derek Ailes
Dave Brown & Dave Croxton
65Trumpington Travellers
David Green & Doris Allen
Fiona Pooles & Judy Swan
734 S's
Sue Tostevin & Silvia Blackwood
Sue Waterhouse & Suzanne Hall
82Graham's Gals
Joanne Mumford & Jennifer Cornwell
Renee Tanburn & Graham Petrie
Ilse Crane & Jean Thomas
Cabrini Farquharson & Diana Hartley