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Eastern Counties League

In the Eastern Counties League, Cambs & Hunts compete with Bedfordshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Norfolk, Northamptonshire, Suffolk and Cambridge University. 

Each County fields three separate teams ('A', 'B' and 'C') to play a 32-board team of 8 match. Scoring is by IMPs, converted to VPs on a 0 - 20 scale. The county captain is Jenny Jacobsberg.  Butler scores are calculated for each pair.

Broadly, team selection is as for the Tollemache, but aiming wider in terms of giving people experience at this level.  Selection is performed by the captain, Jenny Jacobsberg, and she is always on the lookout for people wanting to play, so please contact her with suggestions of new people to play, preferably with contact details.

2021-22 Competitors' convention cards may be viewed here.

Current standings for the 2020-21 competition:

Previous years' final standings for Cambs & Hunts and Cambridge University teams (click on links to see tables):

Year Div Cambs & Hunts Cambridge University
2019-20201A: 1stA: 8th
 2B: 4th= 
 3C: 2nd 
2018-20191A: 1stA: 8th
 2B: 5th= 
 3C: 2nd 
A: 3rd=
A: 8th
 2B: 6th-
 3C: 2nd-
A: 1st
A: 8th
 2B: 4th-
 3C: 6th-
2015-2016 1 A: 2nd  A: 8th
  2 B: 4th=  -
  3 C: 7th  B: 8th
2014-2015 1  A: 8th  A: 4th
  2  B: 4th  -
  3  C: 6th  B: 8th
2013-2014 1  A: 7th  A: 8th
  2  B: 6th  B: 8th
  3  C: 5th  -
2012-2013 1  A: 7th  A: 8th
  2  B: 7th  B: 8th
  3  C: 4th  -
2011-2012 1  A: 7th  A: 8th
  2  B: 4th  B: 8th
  3  C: 5th  C: 8th
2010-2011 1  A: 8th  A: 6th
  2  B: 8th  B: 4th
  3  C: 6th  C: 8th
2009-2010 1  A: 1st   A: 8th
  2  B: 6th   B: 8th
  3  C: 5th   C: 8th