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The County Pairs were held on 23rd March 2014 at Trumpington.

Congratulations to Jon Cooke & Paul Barden.

These were the Final Standings.
23rd March 2014 - County Pairs - Combined
1Jon Cooke & Paul Barden63.01  
2Joanne Caldwell & Kevin Smith62.13  
3Mike Seaver & Simon Barb58.191 
4Julian Wightwick & John Liebeschuetz56.43  
5John Crane & Bob Vajda54.39  
6Chris Larlham & Bill Briscombe53.36  
7Richard Collis & Ann How52.05  
8Mark Tilley & Ufuk Cotuk51.61  
9Neil Pimblett & Matthew May51.32  
10Stephen Goodwin & Malcolm Anderson50.29  
11Graham Clarke & Pat Atkin48.39  
12Roger Salmon & Fred Allen46.78  
13Mary Knights & Michael Keogh46.49  
14Brenda & Philip Jones46.20  
15Peter Beavan & Sue Hollingworth45.18  
16Jonathan Bradshaw & George Buckham44.15  
17John Pearce & Chris Dickman43.86  
18David Boatman & Vic Wood43.42  
19Alan Edwards & Lorraine Waters42.98  
20Audrey Stenner & Bill Stevenson39.77  
Director:David Collier
Scored by:David Collier
Scoring Software:ScoreBridge
Results Filename:2014Mar23!County_Pairs_-_Combined!.dat
Uploaded:23rd Mar 2014 22:34 GMT

For those interested, Session One and Session Two results are also available.