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County Pairs

The county's main pairs event, with a heat held in each club between September and January, and a set number of pairs from each club invited to go forward to the County Final, usually held in late March or early April.

The leading three pairs are invited to represent the county in the Corwen in June.  


  • Qualifying heats are to be held in clubs not later than 31st January.  There is no entry fee apart from normal table money.  Whilst we hope clubs will welcome visitors, County Pairs Heats may be run for members only if the club so wishes.
  • Heats must consist of at least six pairs playing with standing, and each pair must play at least 18 boards.  Heat organisers are required to run only single winner movements (i.e. Howell or arrow-switched Mitchell type).
  • Masterpoints are awarded on the Club scale with all those playing being eligible for an award.
  • Competitors must be members of Cambs & Hunts CBA and of the EBU.  EBU members who are not already members of Cambs & Hunts may join the county by paying the appropriate fee: £3.00 for full members; those under 25 pay nothing.
  • Competitors may play in as many heats as they wish but may only qualify from the first heat they play in – see Note 1 below.
  • The top 1/3 of pairs (playing with standing - see Note 2 below) shall be eligible to enter the final.  There will be no reserves and no limit on the score needed to qualify.  Pairs would need to enter the final no later than 2 weeks before the final takes place.  This way, at the end of a heat, pairs know if they have qualified or not and can keep the date free if they want to play in the final.  


  • The final will be held at Trumpington Village Hall on Sunday 5th April 2019 starting at 1pm and ending at approximately 8pm.  Entry fee for the final: £10/pair. Two sessions of approximately equal duration will be played.  There will be a short break between sessions when tea and coffee will be available.
  • Permitted systems and conventions are level 4.  All competitors must have completed convention cards before play starts. 
  • The top three pairs in the final, wishing to compete, and scoring at least 50%, will be invited to represent the County to compete for the Corwen Trophy in June,  provided that Cambs & Hunts is their County of Primary Allegiance.


  1. If you wish to qualify from another heat (other than the first you play in) you must inform the Tournament Organiser, Peter Grice, before you play in your first heat.  This can be done by e-mail:
  2. Players need to be able to play “without standing” if they have already played in a heat or want to try to qualify in another heat (perhaps with another partner) but we should not accept disinterest as a reason for playing without standing.

Year Winners
2018/2019Alan Shillitoe & Jonathan Mestel
2017/2018 Graham Hazel & David Kendrick
Julian Wightwick & John Liebeschuetz 
2015/2016 Julian Wightwick & John Liebeschuetz
2014/2015 Paul Fegarty & Catherine Curtis
2013/2014 Jon Cooke & Paul Barden
2012/2013 Rod & Sue Oakford
2011/2012 Jim Deacon & Robert Miller
2010/2011 Chris Jagger & Jon Cooke
2009/2010 Marion King & Trevor King
2008/2009 Pat Atkin & Graham Clarke
2007/2008 Rod Oakford & Victor Milman
2006/2007 Catherine Jagger & Chris Jagger
2005/2006 Sheila Parker & Julian Wightwick
2004/2005 Rod Oakford & Jonathan Mestel
2003/2004 Don McFarlane & Gareth Birdsall
2002/2003 Chris Larlham & Fiske Warren
2001/2002 Ann Curtin & John Turner
2000/2001 Niel Pimblett & Ross Midgley
1999/2000 Catherine Jagger & Giles Woodruff
1998/1999 Chris Jagger & John Young
1997/1998 Catherine Ashment & Giles Woodruff
1996/1997 Chris Jagger & Gareth Roberts
1995/1996 Abdelsalaam Abdelmoneim & Victor Milman
1994/1995 Chris Jagger & Gareth Roberts
1993/1994 Trevor Martin & Tristan Williams
1992/1993 Julian Wightwick & Steve Siklos
1991/1992 Ann Curtin & John Turner
1990/1991 Fiske Warren & Phil Gough
1989/1990 Ray Porter & Janet Porter
1988/1989 Fiske Warren & Phil Gough
1987/1988 Bernard Northfield & Mary Northfield
1986/1987 Dave Harrison & Axel Johannsson
1985/1986 Martin Atherton & Steve Siklos
1984/1985 Dave Harrison & Axel Johannsson
1983/1984 Tony Guilfoyle & Mike Hamblin
1982/1983 Vera Partridge & John Leeming
1981/1982 Richard Collis & Roy Cradock
1980/1981 Cynthia Kirkby & Bob Speller
1979/1980 Joe Ward & Peter Morgan
1978/1979 Martin Atherton & D Hough
1977/1978 Steve Barnfield & David Burn
1976/1977 Stuart Young & David Burn
1975/1976 Cynthia Kirkby & Bob Speller