County Competitions & Tournaments

  • County Pairs – Heats held by clubs, going forward to County Final, with the leading three pairs
                              representing the county in the Corwen.  
  • Individual – Heats held by clubs, going forward to County Final. 
  • Swiss Pairs – One-day event for pairs, using the Swiss format.
  • March Pairs – One-day event for non-expert players wishing for an introduction to competitions. 
  • Relaxed Teams - A Teams competition for non-expert players.
  • Teams Knockout – Teams of 4 knockout. Winners represent the county at the Pachabo. First round                                             losers play in the Plate. 
  • Teams Plate – Teams of 4 knockout for first-round losers in the Teams Knockout.
  • Open Swiss Teams – One-day event for teams of 4, using the Swiss format.
  • Cambs & Hunts Bridge League – Teams of 4 league across several divisions (with promotion and
                                                              relegation), run by David Man.
  • East Anglia Green Point Weekend – Green-pointed Swiss pairs and Swiss teams event, run jointly with
                                                                    Suffolk and Norfolk. 
Unless otherwise specified, standard EBU rules apply to county competitions and procedures. Each event also has its own set of rules to supplement this.

County Participation in National & Regional Events

  • Garden Cities Qualifiers – Teams of 8 club event. Each club can enter any number of teams, the winners
                                                   represent the county in the Garden Cities.
  • Eastern Counties League – Three teams of 8 represent the county against 7 nearby counties in a league
                                                   of head-to-head matches, organised by Jenny Jacobsberg.
  • Tollemache – A team of 8 represents the county against all other counties: qualifier and final.

Discontinued Competitions