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What Does 4NT Mean? by Chris Jagger
Defence to Four Level Opening Preempts by Chris Jagger
Defence to a Strong Club by Chris Jagger
A Primer on Negative Doubles by Chris Jagger
Stayman on 4441 Hands by John Turner
Continuations after a 2NT Rebid by Chris Jagger
Raising Responder by Chris Jagger
Doubling Opponents and not Splitting Partners by Chris Jagger
Bidding After a 3NT Overcall by Chris Jagger
The Wraight Convention by Philip Wraight
System Over 2NT by Chris Jagger
Continuations After a Jump Rebid by Chris Jagger
Low Level Reverses by Chris Jagger
Raise to 3 or 5 by Chris Jagger and Julian Wightwick
What does 4NT mean? by Chris Jagger
The Gambling 3NT by Chris Jagger
The 4NT Opener by Chris Jagger
The 5NT Opener by Chris Jagger
Preempts by John Young
Defending against preempts by Chris Jagger
Detective Story by Peter Burrows
Detective Story - Part II: Thank You Partner by Peter Burrows
Detective Story - Part III: Grand Finale by Peter Burrows
Pulling 2NT - Forcing or Not by Chris Jagger
Defending against a 1NT overcall by Chris Jagger
No Trump Point Ranges by John Young and Catherine Ashment
Do you Double? by Paul Barden
The Artificials v Naturals by Chris Jagger
Fourth Suit Forcing by Chris Jagger
Forcing 2NT Rebid by Chris Jagger
Responding to Takeout Doubles by Chris Jagger
Defence to Stayman / Transfers by Chris Jagger
Super-Moysians by Peter Burrows


Some Double Dummy Analysis by Jonathan Mestel
A Mental Block by Chris Jagger
Play On, MacDuff! by John Turner
The Vanishing Trump Trick by Jonathan Mestel
Count Signals by Chris Jagger
Hand Reading by Chris Jagger
... and half a dozen of the other by Jonathan Mestel
A Tale of Two Sixes by Jonathan Mestel
Another Tale of Two Sixes by Jonathan Mestel
Card Reading by Chris Jagger
The Vice Squeeze by Michael Courtney (Ann Curtin)
Faites vos jeux! ... Rien ne vas plus! by Giles Woodruff
Play the King less than a third of the time by Jonathan Mestel
Stepping On It by John Turner
The Inominate Squeeze
A for Attitude, K for Kount by Chris Jagger
Mouth-borne in Bournemouth by Jonathan Mestel

Event Reports

New Players Tournament 2005 by John Phelps
Olympiad 2004 by Peter Burrows
Bournemouth 2004 by Victor Milman
The County Individual 2004 by David Harrison
The Lady Milne 2003 by a husband
I No Longer Want to Know by a (nearly) lost soul
National Pairs 2002 by Jonathan Mestel
County Pairs 2002 by John Turner
County Individual 2002 by Philip Wraight
Tollemache Qualifier 2001 by Chris Jagger
First Ever Swiss Pairs by John Turner
Brighton 2001: How Clowns Communicate by Giles Woodruff
Nicko 1999 / 2000
County Pairs 1999 / 2000 by Giles Woodruff
Camrose 1999 by David Kendrick
The Varsity Match 1999 by Lior Zivan
Tollemache Qualifier 1998 by Paul Barden
Newmarket Open Swiss Teams 1998 by Victor Milman
Right on at Brighton (1998) by Chris Jagger
When things go right (Pachabo 1998) by Lior Zivan
The Bombay Experience by Chris Jagger
Tollemache Qualifier 1997 by Chris Larlham & Paul Barden
Ducks and Chickens at the Corwen (1997) by Gareth Roberts
The Brighton Experience (1997) by John Young
The Pachabo (1997) by Catherine Ashment
Swiss Teams Club Challenge (1997) by Julian Foster
Mothering Sunday (Crockfords 1997) by Chris Larlham
Squeezed Out of the NICKO (1997) by John Turner
The Great Northern Swiss Teams of Two (1996) by Giles Woodruff
Newmarket Open Swiss Teams 1996 by Julian Foster
Tollemache Qualifying 1996/1997 by Chris Larlham

Laws and Ethics

Misbidding Boxes by David Carmichael
Laws and Ethics - Hesitations by Chris Jagger
Laws and Ethics - Unauthorised Information by Chris Jagger


Not My Day by an anonymous reader
A Cow Flew By by Jonathan Mestel
A Weak Field at Trumpington? by John Turner
For the Amusement of the Bridge Gods by Bill Briscombe
Keeping Mum in Coventry (Tolle 1996) by Steve Siklos
Bridge Horoscope by Giles Woodruff

Bridge Humour

Mick and Beth to beat King Hereafter by a Scottish Player
The Griffins visit Derby by Jonathan Mestel
The Griffins visit Newmarket by Giles Woodruff

Interviews with Cambs & Hunts Bridge Players

Philip & Sally Wraight
Linda Yeatman
Julian Foster
Catherine Ashment
Axel Johannsson

Cambs & Hunts Bridge Clubs

Saffron Walden by Ann Curtin & John Turner
The Thursday Club by Ann Curtin & John Turner

Competitions & Problems (finished, no more entries please!)

Opening Leads (April 2001) ... and the results
Four Card Bridge by Jonathan Mestel ... and the results
The Overbidder's Challenge ... and the results
Opening Leads (December 1997) ... and the results
Who Holds the King of Hearts ... and the results
Play Problem (September 2000) by Giles Woodruff
What Would You Lead (September 1997) by Chris Jagger
Double Dummy Problem (September 1997) ... the solution
Worst Trumps Competition (December 1996) ... the solution
What Would You Lead (April 2001) by Chris Jagger ... the answers

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